30-Inch Silver Auto Umbrella


This Printed Silver Auto Umbrella umbrella is large enough to provide protection for two or more people. Suitable for men and women, family or lovers.Its very durable, reinforced fiberglass frame, 8-rod construction, double canopy ventilation system to let the wind out, preventing this sturdy umbrella from reversing during high winds.This UV protection umbrella fits most golf cart umbrella holders, it would be a great choice for the golf course because it blocks the sun and repels the rain. It can also be used as a beach umbrella, patio umbrella, or even as a large umbrella for watching a football or baseball game or concert.


  • Silver Coated T-190
  • Silver Coated T-170


  • Silver Royal Blue
  • Silver Coated Red


  • T-190 ( NameTag Handle )
  • T-170 ( Eva Handle )

Feature: Auto Open

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