30-Inch Nylon Taffeta Golf Umbrella


These golf umbrella material can protect you from strong wind, heavy rain or sun, and it’s big enough for two people when opened.Automatic opening: Automatic opening functionality ensures that your comfort is not delayed Simply press the button on the handle to open in less than a second with just one hand. These large umbrella High-quality, lightweight materials: We use high-quality fiberglass for the tips and shafts, which is strong and flexible without being so heavy that your hands get tired.

  • Nylon Taffeta T-190
  • Nylon Taffeta T-170 – Royal Blue Only

Colour: Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Maroon


  • T-190 ( NameTag Handle )
  • T-170 ( Eva Handle ) – Royal Blue Only

Feature: Manually Open

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