Custom Printed Napkins


Custom printed napkins add a special elegant touch to cocktail parties, luncheons, special dinners, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, religious celebrations and more. Tissue napkins Enhance your dining experience and replace boring everyday paper napkins with these stylish cloth-like alternatives. These premium quality napkins are soft and plush so each use is pampered and gentle against hands and face They are thick and absorbent enough that one per meal is all you need to keep things clean.

We can print a variety of colors and fonts to suit your style, including the art or logo of your choice to create the perfect look. Personalized printed napkin come with standard size or custom size with one color printing. Choose your color at colors chart below then contact our sales team to purchase!

We also have Bags, Food Packaging, Keychains, Label/Patches, Lanyards, Ribbon Printing, Soft Toys, Tissue Printing, Topeng Muka, Umbrella, Wristbands.

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