Antibacterial Wipes Printing

  • Logo : custom made
  • Sheet Size : 12*15CM/15*20CM/18*20CM/20*22CM/20*20CM OR
  • Lamination: glossy or Matt
  • Alcohol contains: 99%, 95%, 90% or etc

Can antibacterial wipes be used on skin?These promotional antibacterial wipes suitable to use with any skin types include sensitive skin.Our wet wipes formula is made from soothing and anti-inflammatory.These antibacterial hand wipes specializes in making life easier. It’s as simple as that. Staying hygienic and healthy on the go, especially when traveling, camping or hiking, is difficult. We wanted it to be more comfortable.

Personalized antibacterial hand wipes come custom size , full color printing or one color printing. We can print a variety of colors and fonts to suit your style, including the art or logo of your choice to create the perfect look. Contact our sales team now for more information.

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