PP Woven Bag White

In today’s industry, White PP Woven Bag is the highly preferred choice for packaging purpose. We are one of the leading White PP Woven Bag manufacturers in Malaysia. We are assembly our White PP woven bags and sacks according to our client’s specifications, concerning dimensions and weights. Our bags are demanded packaging almost all types of products in granular form. Moreover, the bags are designed with the liner that it protects from external elements and ensure complete protection against leakage.

Due to the huge usage of the White PP Woven Bags for the packaging industry, it is well known as traditional bags and it is flexible in nature. Having the feature of strength, flexibility, durability and lower cost, White PP Woven Bags are most well-known in an industrial package, and hugely used in packing grains, feeds, fertilizer, seeds, powders, sugar, salt, powder, and chemical in granulated form. We are producing White PP Woven Bags according to the client’s preferred specifications as to designs and sizes that depends on the desired capacity.

We are able to manufacture and supply a qualitative range of White PP woven bags. With the availability in various attractive designs and styles, these bags are widely used by various numbers of client’s and you avail these bags at reasonable rates. The bags have a stitched bottom, open mouth and are duly non-lamination.

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