Bubble Envelope Printing

  • Material: Poly Bubble
  • Size:
    15cm x 18cm + 4cm
    18cm x 16cm + 4cm
    18cm x 23cm + 4cm
    20cm x 25cm + 4cm
    25cm x 30cm + 4cm
    26cm x 36cm + 4cm
    28cm x 37cm + 6cm
    33cm x 40cm + 6cm
    35cm x 38cm + 4cm
    37cm x 48cm + 4cm
    38cm x 46cm + 6cm
    60cm x 50cm + 8cm
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Bubble Envelope Printing made from high-quality protective ploy film to form the Waterproof & Durable exterior and unique printing technology to make it more colorful, long-lasting and delightful. Interior padded bubble lined wrap working with ourter poly film ensures our cushioned polymailer Bags provide outstanding protection. is widely used for Shipping, Packaging, Mailing, Wrapping, scattered objects’ Collection and temporary Storage. Bubble Envelope Printing ideal for mailing video games, movies,  cosmetics, paintings, fashion accessories, jewelries, medicines,  makeup tools, pens, small gifts, fragile objects, small business items, etc. Used in office-supplies, office-use, family, stores, shops, online stores, crafts, schools and warehouse.

Customized Bubble Mailers available in 1,2 or full colour print. Choose from ready sizes and gloss or matt metallic finishes with MOQ 1000 pieces to make your order. If you are interested in having your bubble envelope with your own design but you are not sure exactly what you want, please contact our sales team to make your order.

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