Polyester Lanyard with White Buckle


Polyester Lanyard with White Buckle used in high-quality soft fabric, lightweight, comfortable, no static electricity, no stimulation of the skin.These custom lanyard are a great way to ensure employees, students, attendees, and visitors have their ID visible at all times. Customised lanyard comes with durable and very easy to carry, one size fits all.

Polyester Lanyard attached with safetly buckle, buckle and hook. These printed lanyard are made from a high-quality polyester material with your company logo and wording imprinted on top. This process produces an inexpensive, high-quality product that can be used in any events, function, conferences and etc.

Size (Length): 900mm longer or shorter available
Width: 25mm, 20mm, 15mm

We also have Bags, Food Packaging, Keychains, Label/Patches, Lanyards, Ribbon Printing, Soft Toys, Tissue Printing, Topeng Muka, Umbrella, Wristbands.

lanyard card holder malaysia

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