Polyester Lanyard


What fabric is used to make lanyards? These lanyards are made from a high-quality polyester material with your company logo and wording imprinted on top.Polyester Lanyard attached with safety buckle, buckle and hook. This process produces an inexpensive, high-quality product that can be used in any events, function, conferences and etc.This lanyard printing suitable for ID cards, ID cards, name tags, office ID tags, mobile phones, cameras, and other portable devices.These id lanyard are comfortable and do not rub the neck, perfect for girls and boys, women and men.Also durable Fabric Lanyards thats easy to use and one size fits all lanyard ID badges.

  • Size (Long): 900mm (Standard Size)
  • Width: 25mm, 20mm, 15mm

We also have Bags, Food Packaging, Keychains, Label/Patches, Lanyards, Ribbon Printing, Soft Toys, Tissue Printing, Topeng Muka, Umbrella, Wristbands.

Polyester Lanyards with Prinitng

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