Luggage Strap


Best Travel Mate – Luggage Securing Belt/ Luggage Strap

Having bad experiences of accidental luggage opening even you are using the best quality luggage?

Luggage Strap with lock is your best travel mate to ensure an extra protection for your belongings during your travel. Luggage belt lock are stronger, wear resistant and more durable. These luggage tag straps you can adjust the length. If you still think it is too long, you can cut some of them to get the length you need.Luggage strap suitable for your suitcase, luggage bag, backpack, etc. It can even be used as a belt. Find out more ways to use it.

The easy-recognized luggage securing belt is available for custom made in bulk quantity. The luggage securing belt is suitable to fit any sizes of luggage and it is wide enough to strap on a large luggage with an adjustable buckle. It is a brilliant corporate gift idea to promote the brand. Travel lovers or backpackers would love to use this luggage securing belt for their next trip.

Consult with our sales team now! You are welcome to send your inquiry to us for a price quotation with your designated design for this awesome luggage securing belt!

  • Material: Polyester
  • Attachment: Lock-Buckle
  • Printing Method: Full color printing or silk screen printing is available
  • Size: Custom size
  • Design: Any design or colors

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