30mm width Sublimation Lanyard



Can’t get enough with the standard 20mm width sized lanyards? You should give it a try on our latest 30mm Sublimation Lanyard.These sublimation lanyar can be used to hold keys, phones, ID cards, cameras, and more.These lanyard printing very durable, smooth construction is comfortable to wear, with quick-release buckle.

Sublimation Lanyard is made up of the economical textured waffle weave polyester material where it give a good satiny touching feel of the lanyards. Any designs and graphics with full colours can be perfectly imprinted from edge to edge and most importantly, the printing colours are all based on PANTONE Colour Chart which allows you to have great colour matches on your personalized lanyard. Mags Premiums is providing a wide range of lanyard printing  attachments to meet your requirements, such as buckle, safety buckle, lobster hook, oval hook as well as the common attachment of crocodile clip.

What makes 30mm the greatest sublimation lanyard is, it has a larger designing space where it helps to outstand your logo in a beautiful printed lanyard. The lanyards will be secured with the durable sewing finishing technique to present a stunning and highly detailed sublimation lanyard for all kind of events. It is popularly used in conferences, exhibitions and open days for colleges and university.

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