Embroidery Keychain


How do I make a cross stitch keychain? This embroidery keychain is the envy of all friends and family, as we only use quality fabrics and stitching, the colors are bright and sharp, double-sided, make your keychain look beautiful.Our embroidered key tags using quality fabrics, using embroidery craftsmanship, strong and beautiful, can resist all kinds of factors.This custom embroidered keychain  allows you to place various items or gift them to friends and family to share their happiness

Customized this embroidered keychain with any design, size , design and colors are welcome! . No limit on your Embroidery Keychain .

  • Material : Polyester , high quality
  • Design: Double Sided, 100% Embroidered
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces

We also have Bags, Food Packaging, Keychains, Label/Patches, Lanyards, Ribbon Printing, Soft Toys, Tissue Printing, Topeng Muka, Umbrella, Wristbands.

Custom made Keychain Polyester Fabric Keychain Embroidered Keychain

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