Grocery Basket Printing

  • price depends on how many L
  • Size :
    24 L
    28 L
    32 L
  • Color : Custom Color

Grocery Basket Printing are suitable for a shop or store especially supermarkets, Our shopping basket is made of high quality plastic which is sturdy and waterproof, it can be put on the balcony without worrying about the rain. This bathroom storage cube has better rolling capacity that won’t break. You can put eggs, milk, cosmetics, medicine, toiletries, kitchen supplies in this folding basket. This basket with handle is suitable for kitchen, bathroom and shopping. It can also be used in the car to store things.
All colour and size are available and can produce based on your requirement, you can send us your sample design, size, color, logo and etc. Create an grocery basket printing with the design that can advertise your store now. Call us now for more information about the product !