Printed Shaker Bottle

Capacity: 400ml ; 500 ml ; 600 ml ; 1000ml and etc
Logo: silk screen printing
Material: food grade
Weight : 0.093 kg


Printed Shaker bottle bodybuilder bottles are widely used for gym and fitness. It is convenient to drink with a special powder. With a 304 stainless steel stirring ball, say goodbye to the trouble of protein powder caking. This shaklee shaker is made in PP food-grade material. With 500ml capacity, it can meet the drinking demands. The screwed lid with high quality, no water leakage, and durable. Also, it can be printed with custom logos.

This Printed Shaker bottle Suitable for protein shakes, smoothies, fiber drinks, meal replacements. The Classic blender bottle revolutionized the industry with its iconic design, leak-proof seal, and BlenderBall wire whisk ball and easy to store in the gym bag. Our Shaker Bottle Murah is beautiful and fashionable, suitable for promotion and gifts. Wide cup mouth, the large-caliber design is suitable for large powder and easy cup cleaning. Get your shaker shaklee murah with logo printing that can be an option to print outside according to your demands now! Shaker Supplier supply classic shaker.

How to clean protein shaker bottle?

Soak it in vinegar and water
Fill your shaker with hot water, pour in a bit of vinegar, stir it around and let it sit for a little while. For best results, follow a baking soda shake with a vinegar soak.

Capacity: 400ml ; 500 ml ; 600 ml ; 1000ml and etc
Logo: silk-screen printing
Material: food grade and BPA free
Weight : 0.093 kg

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