Insulated Bag

hat does an insulated bag do? Mags Premiums are now providing Insulated Bag with foldable, easy to store, easy to carry, and can save air transportation and storage costs! Beautiful and hygienic materials. Our insulation bags are made of aluminum film and foam paper. Thin and leak-proof materials can prevent various forms of heat transfer, so as to achieve an excellent thermal insulation effect.

Great design that can be stored easily. You can fold it flat and pack it in your luggage or store frozen food when you shop. An insulated large cooler bag has a large capacity and longer cooling time. You can remove the insulated insert for easy daily cleaning. Don’t forget to write your name or logo printing that will promote your business.

We also have Bags, Food Packaging, Keychains, Label/Patches, Lanyards, Ribbon Printing, Soft Toys, Tissue Printing, Topeng Muka, Umbrella, Wristbands.

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